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Visions of Global Justice

Tateru Nino

This coming Wednesday, 19 March, the USC Network Culture Project will feature the work of thirteen talented virtual world artists on the theme of justice, all specifically created for this event to celebrate the International Criminal Court.

The artists involved are a talented set indeed from visual, audio and performance fields: Tuna Oddfellow, AM Radio, Pavig Lok, Tooter Claxton, Juria Yoshikawa, Dancoyote Antonelli, Filthy Fluno, elros Tuominen, Chance Abattoir, Adam Ramona, Josina Burgess, Velazquez Bonetto, and Junivers Stockholm.

The exhibition itself, is being run in conjunction with the MacArthur Foundation, Global Kids, and the International Criminal Court, and is being curated by In Kenzo, Bettina Tizzy and Delia Lake.

On Thursday, 20 March there will be video simulcasts streamed across Second Life, There and Whyville. Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi A. Annan will be delivering an address on international justice, and receiving the MacArthur Award for International Justice from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

This is the first three-world simulcast that we're aware of, though as yet no times for that appear to have been specified.

In Second Life, the action will be taking place at the Justice Commons and International Island sims from 5PM SLT (US Pacific time) on Wednesday, 19 March.

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