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Ask Engadget HD: Which HD DVD player upconverts the best?

Darren Murph

Soon after the format war came to a close, we wondered what HD DVD adopters would do with all their red-related hardware / software. We were also curious to see if fencesitters and red supporters alike would be quick to pick up a Blu-ray player given the (still) lofty prices. Now, however, we've got yet another angle on all of this -- what if closeout HD DVD players were viewed as DVD upconverters on the cheap? Take a glance at Larry's inquiry:

"I was thinking of picking up a HD DVD player and using it as an upconverting player, but I'm not sure which one to get. Which HD DVD player upconverts the best? For what it's worth, I'm working on a 52-inch 1080i HDTV without 720p picture capability."

All things considered, HD DVD players marked down substantially aren't a half bad investment if you're already interested in a bulk of the films out there on the format and you're in need of an upscaling DVD player. So, for all of you still clinging tight to your HD DVD decks, how's the upconverting treatin' you?

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