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Build your own street-legal solar-powered electric car

Nilay Patel

Almost every solar-powered car we've seen has been incredibly goofy-looking, but we'd bet we could learn to overlook external appearances if we had a sunshine whip to call our own -- especially if we had to build it ourselves as well. That's the promise behind Art Haines' SUNN solar car kit, which'll let you build your very own DOT-approved electric car using only standard hand tools. Completed, the car can hit 35MPH and has a range of 20 miles before the batteries give out and you've got to take a little solar siesta (or find a plug outlet.) Five of the kits have already been sold, including a new pickup-style version, but you'll need time and some extra cash on hand before you go electro-cruising: the kit itself costs $4,500, not including batteries or solar panels. Video of the original project after the break.

[Via Autoblog Green]

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