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Nickelodeon's 1600 games and what it means for MMOs

Mike Schramm

Word's been floating around the gaming news space that Nickelodeon has put up a gigantic order for online games in their content space: they want to add 1,600 titles to their library, including some created by users. Obviously not all of those are MMOs (if you've ever spent any time around a kid in a browser, you'll have seen all the crazy flash games there are out there for them), but Nickelodeon's stable does include Neopets and Nicktropolis, both of which are super-casual virtual worlds.

Basically, online gaming for the youngster set is huge, and only growing bigger. And while what they're playing now isn't too exciting (most of it is all clones of each other, with not much more social interaction than chatting between minigames), today's players are the MMO players of tomorrow.

Think 10 million players is a big number for WoW to hit? That's nothing compared to the flood of young online gamers coming up right now. To them, there's no difference between online or offline games -- games are online and social, and Nickelodeon's big order only means there are going to be more and more of them.

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