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Panasonic's DMC-TZ50: a TZ5 with WiFi and Picasa photo sharing, maybe


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Take Panasonic's 9.1 megapixel TZ5 with 10x optical zoom and 3-inch LCD, slap in some 802.11b/g WiFi and what do you get? This, the Lumix DMC-TZ50. As with most WiFi cameras, the TZ50 can upload your pictures from any WiFi hotspot but is then locked into specific image sharing sites; in this case, Panny's own Lumix Club. There is hope for a more open model, however, when the TZ50 goes global. After all, the Panasonic / T-Mobile WiFi demo we saw at CES tied images to Google's Picasa. Ok, it's not Flickr but it's a start. Available May 16th in Japan for ¥49,800 or about $500.

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