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Midway CEO Zucker departs, company left looking for leadership

Jason Dobson

We imagine piloting a company like Midway, which has been exhaling money like it was CO2, is not an easy or even enviable task. That's why we can't fault longtime Midway CEO and president David Zucker for donning a life preserver and jumping ship, leaving the company and taking his chances in the murky waters below.

In the interim, Midway has put executive Matt Booty in charge until a suitable replacement for Zucker can be found and shackled to the wheel. Says Midway chairman Shari Redstone, the company needs "dynamic new leadership," and that the publisher "has the resources and creative capability to once again be competitive with the best in the videogame business." While we'll believe that when we see it, we'd advise Midway to invest in some new locks -- Zucker's departure marks the third time this year an executive has run out the front door, abandoning the beleaguered company for greener pastures.

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