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Tabula Rasa patch 1.6, take two!

Chris Chester

Tabula Rasa players have had some reasons to complain recently. As we reported a few weeks ago, the Tabula Rasa team pushed out patch 1.5 without giving it enough time to sizzle on the test server, and the result was a PR headache that was only resolved in ensuing days when they were able to throw some hotfixes together to address the game-breaking bugs. As exemplified by the recent patch to the build on the public test server, they're actually looking to take in player feedback this time around, and the result is a much happier community and a much more refined build altogether.

The new patch, which went live on the PTS on Tuesday, put into effect the changes to the Torqueshell rifle that Critters mentioned last week. It also addressed a number of other bugs, like RPG damage not being affected by item rarity in addition to adding some tweaks to Necromites. One unforeseen change was a dramatic increase in the number of CP capture tokens required for a respec. Players had been complaining that the relatively low cost of the respec token, originally at 100, trivialized the process and made it too easy to shift between builds. In response, their cost has been upped to 600, which should make them a more substantial item. We'll see how it turns out.

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