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Researchers claim to have developed robotic AI on par with a puppy

Nilay Patel

The robot uprising, it inches ever closer -- researchers working on the EU-funded COSPAL project have developed a new robotic AI that they say is the most advanced of its type ever created. Using both learning neural AI techniques and traditional rules-based AI as a control mechanism, the robot can be trained "like a child or a puppy," and has managed to figure out simple sorting tasks on its own. The next step is to try and integrate the system into a car that can adjust to unforeseen driving conditions, but the researchers in charge aren't worried about creating an army of KARRs set to mow us all down -- according to researcher Michael Felsberg, adult-level AI based on this system probably won't happen in our lifetimes. On the other hand, we've heard machines will match us by 2029 -- that'll be a fun debate to have when we're all slaving away in the robo-mines.

[Apologies for the terrible photo -- sure, COSPAL can develop puppy-level AI, but they're apparently still rocking a QuickTake 100.]

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