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Monster now shipping SL100 speakers, coat hangers not included

Steven Kim

Perennial whipping boy in the A/V market, Monster Cable, has launched its compact StreamLine (SL) 100 speakers. Seriously, we've never found Monster Cable products to be bad, it's just the marketing hype and pricing that gets under our skins. Anyways, if you absolutely have to have your cabling and speakers match, take a look. If that's your style, chances are you'll be interested in purchasing a set of the $300 swappable panels (cherry, silver, maple, red or yellow) to make your speakers match your decor as well. The primary tower speakers and the center channel feature 3-inch aluminum woofers and 1-inch aluminum tweeters, and the subwoofer has a 10-inch driver backed by a 120-Watt amp. Prices are $600 (per pair) for the towers, $300 for the center channel, and $500 for the sub. Cables not included, but Monster can cover you there, too.

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