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Chinese history meets fantasy in Sho Online

Mike Schramm

Just in case you have been waiting with bated breath to play Sho Online, an MMO based on an old Chinese mix of history and fantasy, your chance is almost here -- after inviting 1000 beta testers into the game last week, they have reached their final closed beta test event, and open beta seems to be just around the corner.

As you can see from the video above, it doesn't look much different from your average Korean MMO, but the Chinese lore and history might add a little bit to the mix that we haven't seen before. There's supposed to be lots of faction warfare involved as well -- the two factions are called Yin and Zhou. Plus, it'll likely be free-to-play, with microtransactions included, which means as a download-and-play distraction, it might be worth a look. Interested?

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