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Intel's X48 chipset arrives on shelves, reminds users of the X38


For those of you looking to build your ultimate super fantasy dream system, the goal may have just gotten a little closer. According to some tipsters and the zany builders at Tom's Hardware, Intel's X48 chipset is on the street (and mobos) and just waiting to take your breath away... maybe. According to Tom and co., the new configuration may not be that far of a cry from the previously released X38, adding only an improved northbridge and "official" support for FSB-1600 bus speed, though they note that this was technically available in the X38 as well. Tom runs the new entry through a battery of comparisons, so you can get a much clearer idea of what this puppy does. Is this new chipset the answer to overclocker's prayers, or just a waste of an additional $65? Only burning silicon knows for sure.

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