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Mitewa Ikenai: More horror for the DS

Eric Caoili

Still looking for a DS game to scare you out of your wits? Joshikousei Nigeru and its undead schoolgirls didn't do the trick? How about the creepy audio message in Jam Sessions? Mitewa Ikenai (You Mustn't Look), Dimple's latest, could be the horror title you've been waiting for!

Due for release in Japan this summer, Mitewa Ikenai haunts you with two different modes -- one in which you examine photographs to spot paranormal inconsistencies, and an adventure game in which you investigate a home terrorized by an evil supernatural being.

It's like having your own portable episode of Ghost Hunters, except you don't have to wait until Wednesday night to watch it! Also, you don't have to suffer some tool insisting that every unexplained sound was a sign of communication from the dead. Ignore the warning and take a look at our You Mustn't Look screenshots in the gallery below.


[Via Game Watch]

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