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Hands-on with the PS3 2.20 update -- and now, we wait

Steven Kim

Okay, so we dutifully updated our PS3 software to version 2.20, and took it for a quick spin. Granted, the removal of portable copy from the release lowered our expectations, but we really wanted to see what BD-Live is all about. During the install, we got a dialog to "... allow Internet connection from BDs" that got our attention. Hello, BD-Live! The number of discs with BD-Live content makes for slim pickings, but we popped in a copy of "War." Based on what we've seen, you can strike this title off the Profile 2.0 list -- despite what we'd heard before about this being a BD-Live title, we didn't notice any special extras on our updated PS3. We uncovered the BD-Live enabled version of "Yakuza Fighter." It's without a doubt, the lamest game ever to grace our PS3: you set a sequence of moves and then pit your sequence against the other player. Once you're done, your scores and moves can be kept associated with your online profile for future fights. Think "scripted rock-paper-scissors" here. Even more disappointing is that we found it impossible to get the "Resume play" function to work with this title. The feature did work just fine on other discs, however, and is a welcome addition to our fragmented lifestyle. We'll hold off on a verdict until more BD-Live content becomes available, meanwhile perhaps we'll try to grab a copy of the other BD-Live disc, Saw IV, and see if the BD-Live Easter Egg hunt yawn-fest continues.

UPDATE: We found the BD-Live enabled game on War, and updated the post with the info. - Thanks, Dave C!

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