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Magister's Terrace round-up

Allison Robert

If you're like me, you'll be running the brand-new 5-man dungeon of 2.4, Magister's Terrace, as soon as you can. How can you not love a 5-man with four bosses borrowing elements from 25-man raids, a cutscene, and a guaranteed epic even on normal? If you're looking for more information on what to expect, here's a round-up of WoW Insider's coverage to date and our Magister's Terrace gallery.

Follow the cut for a host of helpful articles on bosses, drops, videos, and scenery!

  • Adam Holisky takes us on a walkthrough, tank's-eye view, of the instance itself. This comes complete with a gallery of screenshots, which I've also included below.

Gallery: Magisters' Terrace | 14 Photos

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