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SWG's producer talks Chapter 9 testing, hints at Chapter 10

Michael Zenke

The ongoing quest for more content in the galaxy Far, Far Away continues, with producer Lorin 'DeadMeat' Jameson dropping a production letter / state of the game address into the official Star Wars Galaxies forums. Jameson is enthusiastic about the upcoming release of Chapter 9, which entered public testing this past Friday. He invites players to fully test the patch, giving special notice to the much anticipated Exan Kun instance (which will feature some really fantastic rewards), the storyteller blueprint system (screenshots of the system at work are available) and a brand new ITV collection quest.

The next two Game Updates are already in the planning phases, with Bounty Hunters/Jedi scheduled for some tweaking in Update 3, and Commandos/Officers due for Update 4 (finally!).

He also teases the playerbase with hints about what we can expect in Chapter 10. According to Jameson the headliner for next chapter will be the fan-favorite Meatlumps gang. This content will be, amazingly, not for the high level. Instead, level 45-65 characters will feel the love, and face down the dangerous Meatlump gang on their home turf. The next content drop will also see dramatic improvements in the Looking For Group and player search interfaces - tweaks designed to make finding other players less of a challenge on low-population servers. All great news for the average SWG player, and another follow-through with the team's promise to keep the players happy.

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