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Ask Engadget HD: Which digital TV converter is the one to buy?

Darren Murph

Given the smorgasbord of choices when it comes to picking up a digital TV converter to prepare for the looming 2009 cutover, there hasn't been much said about which one actually performs the best. Quite frankly, we're assuming said comparison hasn't been done simply because of the inordinate amount of work that would be required, but we aren't underestimating the power of the people. Check out what's been on Roberto's mind:

"With the analog shutoff coming in less than a year, I have to start worrying about 2 TVs in my house which will need tuner crutches (ATSC receivers). I would normally postpone the expense as much as possible, but my federal $40 coupons will expire in about two months now, and I want to get the most bang for my buck. Anyways, do any of you, TV gurus, know which of the US government-approved ATSC receivers had the best tuner and the best interface? Where do I get one? I don't want to bring one home and realize it only tunes 3 channels and it is a pain to operate."

There's no doubt each DTV converter will operate slightly differently, and we're hoping that by now, a number of you have been able to procure one and can give your opinion on it. So, tell the world how you feel about your recently purchased converter -- good and bad, we want to hear it all.

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