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Check out some brief Resident Evil 5 footage


Resident Evil 5 has been off our radars for a while, but some brief gameplay footage has floated our way, courtesy of a Capcom 25th Anniversary DVD packaged with the latest issue of Famitsu. The gameplay is shown amidst shots of character models, and an interview with producer Jun Takeuchi.

What can we glean from this footage? The protagonist Chris Redfield is still seen in the same setting as the last (somewhat controversial) trailer, walking amongst irritable villagers who are still hard to distinguish from the series' trademark zombies. Redfield also has ridiculously huge muscles, making us wonder if we'll get to do a bit more wrassling this time around (probably not, though).

Check out the brief, off-screen footage after the break.

[Thanks, Mark]

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Update: Turns out that Capcom had officially confirmed that the buff protagonist is in fact Chris Redfield, and not merely a Chris Redfield impersonator. Appropriate change made above. Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

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