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Phase 1 Dailies: The Multiphase Survey

Eliah Hecht

Finally, we reach the end of our grand tour of the phase 1 Shattered Sun-related daily quests. "The Multiphase Survey" is assigned by a doubtful Draenei named Harbinger Harnomen who can be found somewhat clockwise of the flight master in Shattrath, and it goes like this:
  1. Go to the Spirit Fields in Nagrand, which are near that giant crystal Oshu'gun.
  2. Put on the provided Multiphase Spectrographic Goggles.
  3. Fly/ride around and look for Multiphase Disturbances (pictured), which are only visible when wearing the goggles. When you find one, get near it and right-click your goggles. The disturbance will disappear. Six of these "readings" and you're done; flutter on back to Shattrath for 4g 10g, 250 Shattered Sun rep, and another Shattered Sun Supplies (c'mon, Badge!).
Seven daily quests later, what's our total take? 78 gold, 1550 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation, a Major Rejuvenation Potion, and two Shattered Sun Supplies. Not bad for the work of an hour or so.

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