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Take-Two contemplating BioShock MMO?

Michael Zenke

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If you're anything like us, the very concept of a BioShock MMO is enough to make you break out in cold sweats. Stiff upper lip and set jaw though, old boy. It's no sure thing yet. The MTV Multiplayer site found a verrry interesting slide in a presentation given by Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick. He was explaining why they aren't taking EA's offer, and noted (on this slide) past and future projects they've tackled.

Under 'MMO/Online gaming', both BioShock and the Civilization series are listed as 'Potential Opportunities'. Consider us signed up! Steampunk survival-horror and leveling at the bottom of the ocean? Collaborating with the Ryanists to hold off the depredations of the hideous splicers? Getting to watch all that gorgeous water during raids? Sounds like a plan. What about you? Would you play a BioShock MMO?

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