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Warhammer Online delayed to Fall 2008

Kyle Horner

Well, it looks like many a prediction have come true with the official news that Warhammer Online has been delayed to a Fall 2008 release window. Mark Jacobs has said the main reason for the delay is to, "Invest additional time and effort in implementation and polish to make WAR great" which is a sound line of reasoning if we've ever heard one.

In other words -- WAR needs more time to cook and EA Mythic has recognized that fact. The news is all good to us, especially since we've already said this was the correct road for WAR to travel down in order for it to succeed in the massively multiplayer online game market. There just wasn't enough solid looking stuff coming from the Warhammer Online camp to convince us that launching anytime before fall would be a smart choice. Thankfully, it appears as though fans of the upcoming successor to the RvR throne need not worry -- your game is being taken good care of and at least now there are more chances to get in on that ever-elusive beta.

Also, Mark Jacobs has started a thread to address any worries and questions that players might have -- we recommend checking it out.

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