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Fans react to 3D Mavericks / Clippers matchup

Darren Murph

Under normal circumstances, we tend to give 3D a hard time around here, but it's hard to deny the strides the technology has made of late in an attempt to move beyond being a gimmick and into a desirable product. It seems that hundreds of NBA fans that packed the Magnolia Theater just days ago were quite impressed with the first regular season matchup to be aired in 3D. Those in attendance were able to catch a commercial-free 3D broadcast of the Dallas Mavericks versus the LA Clippers courtesy of two Sony 4K projectors and a set of gaudy glasses. Unfortunately, we're not sure if the one-time event will blossom into something more, but feel free to tap the read link for more opinions and a couple more snapshots.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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