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Price still swaying decisions of HDTV buyers

Darren Murph

This day and age, consumers are a lot more willing to fork out thousands of dollars to bring home a swank HDTV than in years past, but that being said, price is still a primary concern even for those with deep pockets. According to new research from iSuppli, it found that over 63-percent of respondents making between $100,000 and $149,000 per year cited price as a "main determining factor when buying a TV." Curiously, it still found that 40-percent of buyers were heading to (generally overpriced) brick-and-mortar outlets in order to pick up their set (versus 23-percent buying at discount stores like Costco and 18-percent purchasing online). As an aside, the surveyors found that consumers saw Best Buy as having the best customer service (um, really?), while fledgling Circuit City was ranked even lower than Wal-Mart. Still, we maintain that B&M locales are great for scoping out which set you desire, but we'd certainly glance around online before paying a premium for getting it nearby.

[Via New York Times, image courtesy of StarTribune]

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