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Head Coach '09 only available in Madden '09 Collector's Edition


One tiny little detail about NFL Head Coach '09 seems to have been buried at the bottom of EA's announcement yesterday regarding the "Collector's Edition" of Madden NFL '09. Turns out that Head Coach '09 is only available by purchasing the $90 special edition. Just to be clear: It won't be sold separately.

Madden's Marketing Director, Christopher Erb, says the decision was not made out of fear that the game couldn't stand on its own, and explains it's a way for the company to "reduce the price and make it a bonus to our fans." He's got a point, if it was at retail the two games separated would cost $120, but given the tepid response of the original Head Coach and its niche factor, this may be the best way to move units. Erb believes those who play Head Coach are hardcore Madden fans anyway and the company may consider releasing it as a separate title if there's enough outcry.

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