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PvP all day, everyday! A roundup of repeatable PvP quests

Zach Yonzon

As exciting as Patch 2.4 has been so far, most of the attention has been on the all-new content on the Isle of Quel'danas. WoW Insider has put together a comprehensive walkthrough of all the daily and Shattered Sun Offensive-related quests to help guide you so you can coast your way to Shattered Sun rep and earn more than a few Gold along the way. Among the few additions that didn't get as much of the spotlight but deserve mention are the new PvP daily quests, so players can spice up their PvP routine beyond the usual daily Battleground quest. Now even hardcore PvP enthusiasts can earn some Gold on the side while killing enemies. How cool is that?

Click on the links after the jump to find out more about the new PvP dailies that exploded with Patch 2.4.

Tokens? What tokens?

If you enjoy PvP, chances are you're likely overstocked with Marks of Honor from all the different Battlegrounds. For Great Honor or Concerted Efforts is a quest that should take care of all those excess tokens and open up the opportunity to earn more Honor than ever, making it easier to reach that 75,000 Honor cap -- and spend it. You can go to any Horde Warbringer or Alliance Brigadier General situated in all of the major cities in order to do this quest.

Complete walkthrough: Concerted Efforts (A) or For Great Honor (H)

Tower power

World PvP gets a shot in the arm, or at least gets given a purpose with the new daily quests to capture PvP objectives such as helping to capture a spirit tower in the Bone Wastes. Alliance players should head over to the Allerian Stronghold in Terokkar Forest to talk to Exorcist Sullivan, while Horde players should make haste to Stonebreaker Hold and look for Exorcist Vaisha. The quest is available at level 63, so players leveling in Terokkar Forest can take part in the action.

Complete walkthrough: Spirits of Auchindoun

Hurry! Halaa!
The third new daily PvP quest is more exciting than the first two mentioned above. Unlike either quest, the PvP daily quest in Nagrand actually requires you to fight. With a not-so-simple requirement of slaying ten enemy players, In Defense of Halaa (A) and Enemies, Old and New (H) are quests where players would be well advised to bring a group of friends. I believe it is also the first and only player kill quest in the game, so I highly recommend everyone to do this particular daily.

Complete walkthrough: In Defense of Halaa (A) or Enemies, Old And New (H)

With the current Call to Arms daily quest, the new daily PvP quests and the repeatable For Great Honor can award a minimum of 1,151 Honor points and 35 Gold 97 Silver (47 Gold 96 Silver if you're doing For Great Honor for the first time). PvP used to be a financially unrewarding endeavor, but with the advent of Patch 2.4 and new daily and repeatable quests, PvP has become a decent source of income in addition to the Honor points which can later be used to purchase gear. All I can say is, thank you Blizzard!

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