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One Shots: The Blogosphere is everywhere

Just when you think you're safe to go wandering around in your favorite game, the Blogosphere pops up to offer you tips, tricks, or just a giggle, as today's screenshot shows! This image comes to us from Bradley, who happened to spot this curious sight while traveling through Tranquillien in World of Warcraft. Here's what he had to say:

Just saw this Tauren jumping around and his name gave me a chuckle. The Blogosphere is in mah gamez! Someone needs to change the Wikipedia entry for Blogosphere.

Have you seen something that made you stop and giggle in your favorite game? If so, why not snap a screenshot of it and send it in to us! It takes only a few minutes to pop it into the mail to, where your screenshot will live on in our gallery! You can't beat that.

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