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It's Springtime for King Wrynn and Azeroth...


The days are getting longer and the nights a tad warmer. Now is a good time to go through and clean your house in the typical spring cleaning exercise. It's a good time to do that in Azeroth, too.

For me this entitles a few things with my mounds of inventory items. First, I organize my bank alts. They each are assigned certain categories of items. For instance my first bank alt gets all my gems, raw ore, processed ore, and leather. My second bank alt gets all my enchanting mats, my herbs, reputation items, food, and other tidbits. Now both these alts have been around for about 3 years. In fact, my first bank has a /played time of 10 days at level one.

As a side note having a level one bank alt at ten days really makes me question my sanity...but oh well, on with the article.

Since these toons have been around for so long they already have all the bank slots bought. I wouldn't recommend this however if you're just starting to make bank alts, it's much cheaper to forum your own guild and buy a guild bank page. And even though I've got all those bank slots available (well, not really, they're mostly full), I still have made a guild and guild bank for myself. I principally store things that I'll be using for raiding in there: prepared mats for flasks, primals, various stones, potions (over 400 by my count today). I also keep a good amount of gold tucked away. I use the guild bank as a sort of savings account. Now if I could only manage to do that in real life...

Of course the most important thing about spring cleaning is that after you've got your bank organized, you need to send everything you can across all your alts to your bank. This was the real gem for me, since I cleaned up a metric ton of bag space on my main. Horray!

What other tips and tricks might you have for cleaning your WoW house this spring? And no, I don't mean gkicking that noob (Dam noobs)...or do I? Insert evil laugh here.

Hopefully everyone gets the title reference to The Producers; the 1968 Mel Brooks version, of course.

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