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Things may be looking brighter for Nokia N96, Xenon flash in the works?


PhoneMag is reporting on a post at the Esato forums that mentions the N96 may well be getting itself an update before it even hits the shelves -- this is a bit friend of a friend stuff, so please think rumor while reading. Word has it that the lowly LED flash is being replaced with a Xenon number which has some advantages in low-light situations -- such as useful pictures. Of course, there's always a rub, the dual-LED version that's being replaced could have been useful for shooting video and its replacement isn't going to fill that void -- and is a wee bit more power hungry. We guess we won't know 'til Nokia lets us know, but we'll do our best to shake an answer out of them next week in Las Vegas. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on which flash would make you the happiest N96 owner -- or, perhaps we could have both please Nokia?

[Via PhoneMag]

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