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Nine-minute Custom Tank video is eight minutes too long

Eric Caoili

With Play Asia's fantastic sale still in progress, we thought it a good time to highlight one of the discounted imports that we haven't talked much about since it was first announced, Simple DS Series Vol. 31: The Chou-Dangan!! Custom Sensha (The Super Bullet!! Custom Tank).

We appreciated that someone bothered to recorded a video preview of Custom Tank with a steady camera, and we hoped that the game would live up to our expectations as a Metal Slug-esque experience, what with its run-'n-gun mechanics and chunky sprites, but publisher D3 wasn't kidding when it threw this title onto its "Simple" budget line. The music track is on an annoyingly short loop while this first stage is excruciatingly long, likely dragged out to disguise the game's limited content and length. Judging by the slow pacing, it's definitely not a suitable Metal Slug substitute.

But if you like its cheerful approach to war -- tanks hopping over bottomless pits and zeppelins casually floating into view -- or if you're just looking for a game with customizable tanks, you might as well pick up The Super Bullet!! Custom Tank while it's cheap. Play Asia will have the game listed at $23.12 until midnight tonight (or while stocks last).

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[Via Nicovideo]

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