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Operators select video quality issues as primary reason for complaints

Darren Murph

We can't say we're shocked to hear it, but new data released by Symmetricom explains that cable operators have identified video quality problems as the primary reason customers call in with complaints. Potentially more disturbing, however, is the note that "only 31-percent [of carriers surveyed] said they use network monitoring tools to discover quality problems," while 61.9-percent learn of said issues via angry subscribers. As expected, these very facts are the same reasons given for high customer churn (along with high prices), and while 40-percent of respondents suggested that VOD is causing the most quality concerns today, 51.6-percent stated that HD is "expected to produce the most quality problems one year from now." Here's a tip -- stop shoving three HD channels on a single 6MHz slot, and we'd bet the quality complaints drop significantly.

[Image courtesy of Donna Earl Training]

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