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PlayStation Store redesign unwrapped, weekly updates suspended


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SCEE has unveiled its PlayStation Store redesign, which is scheduled to launch in "mid-April." Weekly content updates will cease for the next two weeks until the redesign goes live, but "users can look forward to a special update in mid-April," Sony Europe teased in a press release. In addition, users will continue to have access to the store's back catalog as they await the mid-April relaunch. The redesign will not affect existing PlayStation Network accounts or the virtual wallet.

The store redesign has been previously confirmed for North America and will release sometime in April. SCEA has yet to announce the exact release date, which may or may not coincide with the European update. Update: SCEA has announced the North American "revamp" will arrive via firmware update in "mid-April" (presumably day and date with the European update). Sony clarified that beginning April 3, no new content will be added to the store until the redesign is launched.

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