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Addon Spotlight: Making the leap to HKO

Sean Forsgren

As you are all aware, we are changing direction around here, so it has come time for Addon Spotlight to sail into uncharted waters. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find much of an addon community for Hello Kitty Online, so things may be a bit rough in the coming months, as developers start filling those little User Interface needs. I wanted to point out that this can be seen as an opportunity for new and exciting things. We've got a fresh start, folks, with all the world of Sanrio in front of us.

Many of you addon users may be wondering what mods we can expect in Hello Kitty Online. I am thinking we will see some savvy WoW addon developers releasing HKO-compatible versions of their addons in the future. I can't imagine any MMORPG without an Auctioneer-like addon. You can expect to see things like Outfitter, FuBar & Titan Panel, an Ace-like system and an entire library of compilations. Once beta-testing ends, and we see a release of Hello Kitty Online, sites similar to Curse Gaming, WoWInterface and WoWUI are bound to show up. With all these exciting weeks ahead of us, you can count on us at HKO Insider to provide all the latest HKO news, and yours truly will bring you all the best addons and mods.

As with addons, macros are still somewhat mysterious, but I promise you'll know more as I learn more about scripting in our new world. Come back after the catnap and I'll give you something to get you by until the full release of HKO.

HKO is due to be available to the public late this year, so I found something you can use to keep yourself sane until then. Here you have it, my friends, your very own Hello-Kitty themed interface for World of Warcraft. The Hello Kitty Island Adventure interface is a fairly small compilation, with many of them of the Ace system. You'll want to go through and update the individual addons, as the dev hasn't updated it recently. You could easily use something along the lines of WoWMatrix, which works for both PC and Mac.

Here is what you will find in the compilation:

  • ACP
  • Arkinventory
  • Auctioneer
  • Autobar
  • Bartender3
  • Cartographer(Ace2)
  • Cirk's Chatmanager
  • Chronometer
  • Clearfont2
  • cyCircled (with custom HK overlay)
  • eePanels2
  • EQCompare
  • Fruityloots
  • Fubar (Ace2) and a bunch of plugins
  • Informant
  • Itemprice Tooltip
  • Lightheaded
  • Mini Button Bar
  • MetaHUD
  • Mobhealth
  • Niagara
  • Omen
  • Prat
  • PerfectRaid
  • RicoMinimap
  • SilverDragon
  • Simple Combat Log
  • Talented
  • TinyTip
  • Violation
  • Weapon Rebuff
  • Xloot
  • X-perl
  • Yata
That is about all I can give you until someone in the HKO closed beta comes up with an idea and develops it. Until then, check back with us often for all your Hello Kitty Online news. Dismissed!

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