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All hail Thrall: Supreme Leader of Azeroth

Amanda Dean

As promised, we now announce the Supreme Leader of Azeroth. And the Winner is- Thrall! Thrall carried a lead throughout the election and ended the race with 55.3 percent of the both, more than either of the Alliance candidates combined. Lady Jaina Proudmore finished the race in second place with 34.3 percent of the vote. King Magni Bronzebeard was disappointed in his 10.4% share of the vote, and has promised a better showing in future elections.


The Warchief is beginning his transition to Supreme Leader of Azeroth. He will continue to rule from his seat in Orgrimar. He has promised to honorably represent the needs of all of the Azrothean peoples. To help ensure fair treatment of Alliance races and ensure bipartisan support throughout his term in office, Thrall has selected Jaina Proudmoore as his Vice Supreme Leader. Though bitter rivals throughout their campaigns, Thrall and Proudmoore have reestablished a friendly rapport, which should serve to benefit all of Azeroth.

Thrall's ascent to the throne will be advised by a large transition team who are currently gathering information on the most relevant issues facing the population. The new supreme leader has announced his cabinet. He has personally selected each of his advisors based on their strength and positions of respect among their people. Thrall will be arranging a meeting with Blizzard soon to discuss the needs of Azrotheons.

I apologize for the late posting, WoW Insider was otherwise occupied earlier in the day. Thank you for your patience.

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