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April Fools' Alert #15: A potpourri of nonsense


As we bid adieu to this All Fools' Day, it's time to take a broom to the leftover balderdash and sweep it out of the house so we can start fresh and clean tomorrow.
  • -- OH NO! The boys over at went to "therapy" and are now devout heterosexuals. Now all they can talk about is boobs, beer and babes. That's so not fierce!
  • Lego Halo -- 1Up reposted EGM's April issue gag for the internets.
  • Wii Want More -- A Wii downloadable content service?! ROFLCOPTERBBQ
  • Brain Age Mobile for iPhone -- The Wiicast does a very subtle trick that any other day of the year might be believable.
  • Reggie talks Earthbound -- spliced together some clips and gets Monsieur Fils-Aime talking frankly about Nintendo's thoughts on Earthbound in America.
  • N64 games ported to DS -- got the scoop on some N64 titles being "retooled & refreshed" for the handheld.
  • Final Fantasy XIII demo and Final Fantasy VII remake -- PSXExtreme didn't even try to be witty, they just went for some painful lies.

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