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April Fool's in GW: Pick up sticks

Shawn Schuster

Ahhh! Where's my gorgeous new 15k armor? What happened to my beautifully-rendered Necro?! Well, don't fret and take a glance at the calendar. ArenaNet has done it once again in Guild Wars with a hilarious new prank for April Fool's Day. If you remember, last year there was the infamous gender-switching incident, where all male characters were female, and vice versa. That sure caused some heads to turn, and probably netted the most screenshots taken in one day, ever. We'll have to check with Guinness on that one, though.

This year, they've taken the route of less is more. All player-controlled characters have been turned to stick figures. This doesn't affect heroes at all, which certainly makes for some interesting PvP battles. Although there have been reports that these new matchstick men are buggy, in regards to PvP armor assignment, but it's all in good fun anyway, right?

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