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Velocity Mobile springs to life, announces pair of WinMo 6.1 devices

Chris Ziegler

Riding the Windows Mobile 6.1 wave at CTIA, new player Velocity Mobile officially came out of stealth mode today to reveal its very first two devices: the creatively-named "103" and "111." Designed in partnership with mega-ODM Inventec, the handsets offer pretty much every feature a 2008-spec Windows Mobile device could possible be expected to, with triband HSUPA (available in both AWS and non-AWS configurations, T-Mobile fans!), TV / VGA out, and WiFi headlining the bill. The QWERTY-less 103, pictured, also sports a true VGA display -- a feature so poorly received by manufacturers (for some reason we'll never appreciate) that some have gone so far as to artificially dumb it down to QVGA. Follow the break for a picture of the 111, which'll be available come the third quarter; the 103, meanwhile, will be available sometime this quarter.

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