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Mio showcases prototype PND with wireless connectivity

Darren Murph

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While Mio was busy propping up its Moov GPS lineup at CeBIT, it has smartly chosen CTIA to unveil a prototype PND that touts wireless connectivity. After teaming up with ATX, which is hailed as "the world's largest independent telematics services provider to the automotive industry," Mio has launched a connected navigator based on the Pinnacle platform. Unfortunately, it's still somewhat unclear what extra features will be found on this linked-in unit -- which may or may not have made an early cameo at CES (pictured) -- but thankfully, we won't be waiting long to find out. If all goes to plan, ATX-powered Mio devices will be hitting the streets in the second half of this year, but it better be mighty impressive (or just cheaper, really) if it plans on dethroning the Dash Express.

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