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X3F TV -- Battlefield Bad Company: Free vs Paid Weapon Stat Comparison

When Electronic Arts confirmed that specific weapons would be made available for purchase over the Xbox Live Marketplace (and included in the special edition) for Battlefield: Bad Company they assured gamers the balance of the game would not be compromised. Despite that claim, the fear from the community is that the paid weapons will be overly powerfull and that gamers who decided to opt out of the purchase would be punished at a multiplayer level.

Ever viligant in our quest of the truth, this very special edition of X3F TV will compare the free weapons in the Battlefield: Bad Company beta to the special weapons that will be featured exclusively in the Gold Edition of the game and for sale over the Xbox Live Marketplace when the game launches this summer.

Using the in-game comparison tool included in the closed beta of Battlefiled: Bad Company, we've compared each paid weapon for the five soldier classes to their free counterparts. The results may surprise you.

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