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Android phones in AT&T's future? Hey, anything's possible!


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Sure, Ralph de la Vega was chatty at yesterday's AT&T luncheon during CTIA, but with the scattered reports you've probably seen, it's hard to keep tabs on it all. On the topic of Android -- the Google OS which the company had been reluctant to make a definitive ruling on -- de la Vega seemed to soften up to the possibility. According to the exec, meetings with the search giant have reassured him that carriers will be able to equip handsets with their own applications, not just Google's tools. "That's attractive to us. We were concerned that maybe the focus was just on Google apps," he said. Of course, other than vague pleasantries about the possibilities of the operating system, de la Vega wasn't concrete about actual Android phones in the pipeline, saying, "If it's good for customers we'll offer it like any other OS." Bottom line? They're not exactly storming into the OHA, but if they see something they like, they won't look the other way.

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