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AT&T's unlimited plan was a gametime decision

Chris Ziegler

Among other fascinating tidbits to come out of AT&T's press lunch yesterday, we really appreciated this one: AT&T made the decision to roll out an unlimited plan in all of four hours. Four. As molasses-like as companies of AT&T's size tend to be, you have to be at least a little impressed at the fact that the bigwigs went from noticing Verizon's press release to figuring out the details and unleashing their own announcement within the same day; CEO Ralph de la Vega was, praising his team's response time during the lunch. On a related note, he was asked why he felt compelled to respond quickly to Verizon's move, but not to Sprint's more competitive pricing, to which he responded that AT&T considers Verizon a "quality" competitor. Burn! You feel that, Sprint? That's the biggest carrier in the country delivering a family-size helping of disrespect.

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