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Analyst: Wii, GTA IV, game industry all winners in '08


Hudson Square Research analyst, Daniel Ernst, dropped a big ol' report today with huge guesses thoughtful analysis about what will happen in the game industry during 2008. First up, he claims the industry as a whole is ready to challenge the film industry for dominance. Next, he believes the Wii will outsell the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined this year and, finally, that Grand Theft Auto IV will become the top selling game in '08 with 13 million copies sold (not too far off from Pachter's prediction).

GameDaily has three separate stories on Ernst's epic predictions on the game industry's near future. The report makes other claims about Wii Fit selling around 10 million units and features interesting tidbits about DS games costing less than a million dollars to develop. Peer through Hudson Square Research's crystal ball by following the links below.

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