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Rumor: Legend of Zelda manga coming stateside

Justin McElroy

Usually, we don't often partake in "the mangas." Sometimes you have to read them backwards, which makes our heads hurt, and frankly, we don't think our black jeans are comically baggy enough to pull the whole "manga reader" look off. That said, we think we'll be forced to make an exception for a Legend of Zelda manga that's reportedly coming stateside.

In an effort to make no more than one manga-related post per month, we also wanted to let you know that GoNintendo got its hands on the cover for the Phoenix Wright manga headed our way. It's totally uninspiring, save for the presence of Godot, the coolest prosecutor since Sam Waterston. ... Crap, are we going to have to buy two mangas? We're going to have to go get our jeans let out.

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