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    Canon PowerShot SD790 IS reviewed, predictably great


    Canon has the art of the compact digicam down to a science by now, and the PowerShot SD790 is no exception, according to PC Magazine. The new shooter nabbed the publication's Editors' Choice award for "superior image quality" that pulled it ahead of the likes of Panasonic's DMC-FX55 and Sony's DSC-T2. The SD790 includes a new physical scroll wheel that took a bit of getting used to, but turned out to be a quicker way to skim through menus. The camera includes a new motion-detection feature to automatically switch ISO and exposure to keep the images sharp, and it worked as advertised. Other automatic settings have been tweaked for better images, and the camera performs notably well in high ISO shots. The flash isn't super powerful, and the reviewer would've preferred a wider angle lens at this $350 pricepoint, but all-in-all there seems to be plenty to love about this latest Digital Elph.

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