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Nihilum vs Brutallus video


The flag ship raiding guild Nihilum has released a great video of them taking on Brutallus, one of the new 25 man Sunwell Plateau bosses. The video is available from several sources, and the downloaded version is of quite high quality. The version provided above, a stream from File Front, is also pretty good.

The video itself is taken from the standpoint of their main tank, Kungen, and runs for just over seven minutes. Most interesting is the additional pieces of information Nihilum provides about their raid setup. For guilds attempting him, looking at a successful raid composition can be a major piece of information. The raid setup Nihilum uses is:

  • 1 Protection Warrior: Kungen
  • 1 Feral Druid: Sanduckhan
  • 1 Retribution Paladin: Gaap
  • 1 Enhancement Shaman: Zanzijan
  • 1 Fury Warrior: Starym
  • 3 Warlocks: Clinkz Buzzkill Jinxarn
  • 3 Mages: Darmor Hath Vyrre
  • 2 Shadow Priests: Muqq Melghor
  • 2 Resto Druids: Marilyn Sykostig
  • 2 Holy Paladins: Gd JohnnyR
  • 3 Resto Shamans: Neg Ghorok Bananeen
  • 3 Rogues: Epi Cloze Inthya
  • 2 Hunters: Toorum Ahoq
Quite a good video for guilds that might be facing Brutallus now or in the next few months.

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