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Firmware version 3.95 now available [Update]

Jem Alexander

That's right, another firmware update - and less than a month after the last one, too. Whether you're a fan of frequent updates or not you won't be able to enjoy this latest revision to its fullest without access to a PS3. A miniature update, by all accounts, that adds two PS3-based features to your favorite handheld. Eric Lempel details v3.95, which will be "made available shortly" on the PlayStation.Blog. The update contains the following:
  • While playing PSone games on your PSP, you can now customize how the buttons are assigned by going to [Controller Settings] > [Assign Buttons] and select [Custom]
  • You can now quit Remote Play and choose to turn off your PS3 or leave it on after quitting. This is useful if you are performing a download and want to quit Remote Play, but still want your download to continue on the PS3. Select [Quit and Turn Off the PS3 System] or [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3 System] from [Quit Remote Play] when you press the HOME button on the PSP system.
[Update: Firmware is now available through Network Update.]

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