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Shots, specs of TAG Heuer's Vertu killer?

Chris Ziegler

When we first saw this picture, we immediately thought, "whoa, this thing could seriously give Vertu a run for its money for a fraction of the price." So yeah, we still think TAG Heuer's foray into the mobile market could give Vertu a taste of its own medicine (seriously, just look at it) all except for that "fraction of a price" bit; turns out the rumors have the candybar, named "Meridiist," priced somewhere around €3,400 to €3,900 (about $5,338 to $6,123) depending on how it's configured. Your fistful of euros will apparently get you a sapphire crystal display, 2 megapixel cam, 1.9 inch QVGA display (weak!), Bluetooth, and the full array of "luxury" materials like steel and leather when it launches later this quarter into the hands of the world's privileged.

[Thanks, Aniki]

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