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3Dims and projectiondesign craft 3D visualization system

Darren Murph

As the 3D bandwagon continues to fill, along comes a setup geared more towards research than entertainment. The interactive 3D stereoscopic computer aided virtual environment (CAVE), cutely named Four Space 110, was created by Germany's own 3Dims GmbH and is currently located at the Human Machine Communication Center at Munich University. The installation relies on eight F20 sx+ DLP projectors from projectiondesign and enables users "to be completely immersed in the application with surrounding walls, floor and a ceiling." Within the CAVE, scientists and students can see 12 million pixel 3D images come to life as they study "human–machine interaction and communication," and while the gurus behind it purport that it could be used in car manufacturing / design or electronic modeling, we can only imagine how heavily the virtual reality crowd must be drooling just thinking of the possibilities here.

[Via Widescreen Review]

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