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'Boycott' of Battlefield: Bad Company spreads through internet


Many gamers have called e-mailed in about Sarcastic Gamer's "boycott" of the upcoming FPS game, Battlefield: Bad Company. Many are furious about the game's questionable DLC practices. Gamers will need to pay extra money to unlock five additional weapons, which can be used in online games. Although EA promises that it will not unbalance the game, it is a distressing misuse of DLC. We always thought that DLC extended the life of a product after it releases. For example, EA's own Rock Band serves terrific DLC long after the original's release. Unreal Tournament III adds tons of maps and does so at a terrific price: free. Heck, even Kane & Lynch is offering free post-release DLC.

So, undoubtedly it's angering to a lot of gamers when they know that certain features are simply being locked out for gamers who don't want to pay an extra premium. Considering the game already costs $60 for the consumer, shouldn't they get everything the developers have made, instead of being forced to receive an intentionally-gimped product? You decide.

[Via Joystiq]

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