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EQ Lore: The Bastion of Thunder


EverQuest's annual Fabled event has more than enough power to replace the creatures of days of yore with more powerful versions of themselves (and loot ready for present-day challenges as well!). The Fabled power is bringing old players back to the fold in record numbers to relive old and loved raids. While exploring the Fabled Planes of Power last night, we saw people gathering for Fabled Saryrn and Vex Thal raids, and several groups were making their ways up the towers of the Bastion of Thunder to take on these newly empowered foes.

SOE continues with their weekly retelling of the lore of the Planes of Power with the skinny on every wing and tower boss. All the way through the Bastion of Thunder, from Askr to Agnarr himself -- the living manifestation of Karana's anger. When you meet Agnarr and kill him, remember -- Karana will thank you for it.

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