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Video: Sony's BDZ-A70 Blu-ray recorder with 1-touch transfer to Walkmans, cellphones, and PSPs


Now we're talking Sony, this is the type of integration we expect to see on the heels of your promise to cash in on portable video after losing the audio battle to Apple. As a Blu-ray recorder, the BDZ-A70 features all the in/outs you'd expect and recording to a 320GB (the new BDZ-T90 offers 500GB) disk or dual-layer BD-RE media from a host of analog and digital tuners. Great, but what's most notable here is the new one-touch video transfer to Sony's PSP, select mobile phones including NTT DoCoMo's FOMA 905i, and video Walkmans like Sony's new NW-A820. As you may have noticed, those last two are Japanese products. Appropriate given the Japan-only launch of these players in April for about ¥170,000 ($1,658). Still, we're pretty sure they'll go global soon enough. Quickie demonstration video after the break.

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