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Battlefield: Bad Company's DLC guns are 'free,' but there's a catch

Ross Miller

The developers of Battlefield: Bad Company have heard the outcry regarding the premium weaponry, both from Sarcastic Gamer and other outlets. Speaking to IGN, DICE Senior Producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson said there would be no charge for the five guns. Here's how you can get the guns:
  • Pay $10 for the Gold Edition of the game, have the guns on the disc
  • Buy the Standard Edition, hit the max rank level of 25
  • In both cases, "You have to do the marketing programs that we're going to announce further ahead" (huh?) before you can get the guns.
The last bullet point up there confuses us. What are the marketing programs? Troedsson told IGN there would be five marketing programs from EA that are free and will reportedly be "as easy as signing up for a newsletter." In other words, don't expect the Gold Edition guns on launch day, but know that you can be at rank level 4 and still get access to them at some point.

[Via X3F]

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